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Big things happening!

Well it's my first blog post and honestly I am just so excited to have my website at a place where I am ready to let people see it. This post has a lot of fun stuff so please keep reading because the last couple weeks have been exciting for my business.!

1. Online Store

Building a website/ online store (it's coming I promise) is definitely a lot of trial and error. I changed the layout many times, it started as a website then transformed into a store and now it's back to a website. The online store portion is coming soon.

2. Hallmark

I am happy to announce that I will be going into a third Hallmark, yes a third! Currently I am in the Carol Stream Hallmark and have been since July 2017, this past June I put my items into the Hoffman Estates Hallmark and now my items will be going into the Arlington Heights location in just a couple weeks.

3. Popup shop

.I'm hosting my first popup shop in a "secret" location for my close friends and family next week and I'm very excited to be offering new products as well as showcasing some new glass designs so make sure you check in to see my new glasses and products posted

4. Small Business Pulse

The most exciting news is that a few months back I was contacted about my business and I answered a few questions and was told it would be a little while but my business would be featured on a website for small businesses. Yesterday, I received a Facebook notification that my business was tagged in a post and here it was, the article was published! To be on the main page of a website that is owned by CBS is surreal for me! I honestly cannot believe how much my business has grown and honestly some days I don't know how I do it but I love creating.

As far as this blog goes, I plan to update everyone on new items coming, events I may be attending, and whatever else that is craft related!

Please make sure you enter your information in on the home page so you get notifications. I plan to have newsletters in the future and once I figure out how all this "online" store stuff works, this site will be the place to order!

Thank you everyone for your constant support and I hope I have fun updates like this more often!



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